Come visit us @Big Lick Comic-Con!

February 8th-9th at the Berglund Center in Roanoke! We will be showcasing our new Art!

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It's all about being a fan...

As an artist, I want to take concepts that create joy in the heart of myself and others and uniquely represent them to enhance the experience of those that view them, as well as pay homage and respect to the original source. That also entails presenting them on media that would not originally be considered a conventional canvas. I want to imprint my perception not with a brush, not with a stroke, but with the manipulation of paint spray and layering.  

Each piece I create is an opportunity to infect those around me with the same excitement and nostalgia that I have for pop culture and art. It communicates that it is okay to obsess, geek out, and openly display the inner fandom of what we most enjoy in life.


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